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We have professional painters contractors that can take care of all your painting needs for your business. Our commercial painting contractors have experience and dedication to ensure you receive top quality painting services. 

Bay City Painting has trusted professional house painters on staff that you can feel comfortable having in your home taking care of your interior painting project. Our interior painting experts make sure to cover all surfaces and use painting tape to ensure a flawless finish. All you have to do is pick the paint colors, and our expert interior painting contractors will take care of the rest!

​​Wallpaper removal is a very tedious job, but our professional Bay City Painting Contractors have the patience to do it right. By allowing our professionals to take care of your wallpaper removal needs, you can rest assured that the surface of the wall beneath that old wallpaper won't be damaged. We have the skills and tools to get the job done. Your walls will be prepped and ready for a coat of interior paint in no time.

​​Bay City Painting have experience painting a variety of surfaces, including kitchen cabinets. You'll be amazed at the quality and beauty our cabinet painting service can bring out in your kitchen. It'll be like you had completely new cabinets installed. Our house painters take every precaution to protect the surrounding furnishings in your home when painting cabinets, including all kitchen appliances, countertops, floors and ceilings.

Our Bay City painting contractors have experience applying a variety of texture painting techniques to walls including knock down and orange peel texture. If you are looking to give your walls some extra style, texture painting is the way to go. 

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Removing popcorn texture from ceilings requires skills and the right tools to do it right. At Bay City Painting our team is made up of experts when it comes to popcorn ceiling removal. We'll have your ceilings clean and ready to be painted for a more modern look in no time.

Our exterior painting contractors understand what is needed to deliver top notch protection for your home. When we are hired for exterior house painting projects, we use only top quality exterior paints to coat and protect the home. Exterior painting serves two functions: to increase the curb appeal of a home and to protect the home's exterior from the elements. Without a quality exterior painting application, neither of these functions can be acheived. Get a quality finish and protection you can trust for your home.

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